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And Then There Was Summer!

The sun is finally shining! This is cause for celebration as we are already at 50 inches of rain for this year( I am just throwing that out there, I do not actually know if that is a lot…it feels like it though!)I am in a lull, caught between wanting to do too many projects and not knowing which to focus on. It also occurs to me that we are quickly approaching the end of summer. In a very few weeks we will begin the change of weather where the light goes more golden and the evenings are truly cool, and even though the sun is warm the breeze tickles! I love this time of year maybe the most, but would have a hard time defining the why, is it the promise of much anticipated harvest and rest, is it the coziness of the fires? Or have I only ever enjoyed my summers when they were almost gone? Early summer, you would arrive at the summer house, and then you would have to try to find the friends from the year before, or find new ones, who’s parents may have changed holiday dates , sometimes you would find that the events of the school year would have changed everyone so much that it was like you didn’t know them at all, or the difference in age would become so much larger than the year before. I think I was almost always the youngest for some strange reason, and was always tagging along with the older crowd…I still hear my grandma saying ,”just walk over there and say Hi, they are as afraid of you as you are of them” which was also used when confronting spiders or snapping turtles and the like….I wish I had the experience then that I do now, As I become more like her every day, striking up conversations with anyone and finding even the most laborious task goes faster with a smile and a few kind words… Shyness is too isolating, we all just want to fit in! So the end of the summer ,when you had found your friends and reconnected was the best time, bonfires on the beach, MMM smores… lobster bakes… what lovely memories I have.


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288 Montford Avenue
Asheville NC 28801

We invite you to join us at The Black Walnut Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. Experience perfect comfort and real luxury in a romantic and historical setting. It is no accident that we were recently voted one of the Top Ten Luxury Inns in North America!

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Black Walnut Bed and Breakfast Inn Reviews