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Let it snow! and Ice...

Somehow I seem to have neglected to blog for an entire year! I cannot remember why I stopped, but I am sure there must have been a jolly good reason! One excuse is we are in the process of redoing the website which has been in the works by 2 different companies for an entire year. I should not be surprised as designing the new brochures took as long, but they are finished now and are a tour de force if I say so myself! My new web designer has apparently suffered a fall and is a little unavailable.

Happy Holidays!

I cannot think where the time has gone, but here it is 2 days before Thanksgiving already! I have to hustle and make my famous butternut bisque and all the traditional favorites and the weather is certainly conspiring to remind me of my childhood...growing up in New York it was ALWAYS very cold and greyish and while we waited for the Turkey to roast we would go for a walk in our woods.

The Today Show, OH MY!

So we were featured on the today show last week! What a great thing this is, it was completely unexpected and we didn't even realize that was Kathy Lee with us! She must have thought we had great "game face" But we did not realize who she was!

The red couch giveth still...

So we went to preview an auction this weekend and were able to pick up a check from the auction house for the old couch! Lo and behold someone paid 450.00 for it! So the couch just keeps giving... I hope the new owners have as much fun with it as we did!

Food and writing about food...

Time to ruminate on eating again as I have just had a decadent month in July. Firstly, we had a lovely visit with friends from our days on Martha's Vineyard, the comedian and writer, Marty Nadler and his son Charlie(also a comedian and writer) who worked for us a very young child many years ago. Marty is famous as a writer and producer for shows like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley(among many others). His son Charlie is even funnier!

And then there was summer!

The sun is finally shining! This is cause for celebration as we are already at 50 inches of rain for this year( I am just throwing that out there, I do not actually know if that is a lot...it feels like it though!)I am in a lull, caught between wanting to do too many projects and not knowing which to focus on. It also occurs to me that we are quickly approaching the end of summer. In a very few weeks we will begin the change of weather where the light goes more golden and the evenings are truly cool, and even though the sun is warm the breeze tickles!

wet heat wave!!

Weather, it is one of the most discussed topics(next to the forbidden topic of politics) and the most misunderstood! We are in a weather pattern that has it's perks but is downright soggy. It has rained most of the time for about 3 weeks. I had heard that this environment was more like Oregon than anywhere else, but failed to believe it until this week! I know now, this is in fact a temperate rainforest.

Food , glorious food...

So I have been so into the inn that I failed to indulge my absolute favorite pastime, which is eating! A wonderful perk of innkeeping is that you must go out to dine all the time so you may tell your guests where they should go! This weeks adventures include the new Isa's at the Haywood Park Hotel. They have just opened their new dining room after a much needed and welcome renovation, and they did a lovely job! The food was very good, at lunch there were ample portions and an absolutely delicious Cuban sandwich with a fabulous potato salad in a very comfortable and upscale dining room.

A lovely livingroom, Now what?

I am constantly looking for new projects, almost as restlessly as my husband who indulges himself in what we call travel porn, IE he spends hours online looking at travel sights and imagining the trips we could take if only Lori would stop spending all the money on the inn.. this is a great thing for our guests enjoyment and comfort, but not so great for the savings account.

Sofas are less transient than people....

Well the trouble with auctions is this... it snowballs! We bought that great rug last weekend , now I have to order new drapes and a new couch...Peter is a little frustrated, he does not like change, and now everyone is a decorator with their own opinions about the living room. I actually had to be firm about not keeping the red Thomasville sofa, I made a small mistake when we made that purchase, I failed to account for the curve which is a great detail and lovely when you are sitting on the sofa but in a room with other furnishings it was difficult and restricting in the room.

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