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A Lovely Livingroom, Now What?

I am constantly looking for new projects, almost as restlessly as my husband who indulges himself in what we call travel porn, IE he spends hours online looking at travel sights and imagining the trips we could take if only Lori would stop spending all the money on the inn.. this is a great thing for our guests enjoyment and comfort, but not so great for the savings account. But the living room is very lovely, the new rug is breathtaking, silk and wool from the 1920’s, and all the delivery and removal went seamlessly( almost as if we had done this a time or two)The new couch, a fabulous tufted low back extra long vision in blue velvet anchors the room and the furniture layout is very conducive to relaxing and enjoying conversations or just reading a book or listening to our fabulous new wireless music system. I am now searching for two wingbacks to flank the blue couch and can easily seat 11 in this room. Ahhh… Now we call the photographer to shoot it as a picture is worth a thousand words.It also has occurred to me that it was easier to get all the accolades and much harder to keep the guests excited. And possibly more expensive, but how wonderful to be listed as top 10 luxury inns by Bed and But now I need to find another way to amuse myself and the garden is off limits this week as the rain just keeps coming down. So, what next? Well, maybe a little family time with my sister and brother and maybe a little painting time in my own space. It is amazing how easily paint can look old with very little effort isn’t it! I am not convinced the painters used the best paint or enough of it in the carriage house reno. Although there never is any recourse is there? So off I go…

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288 Montford Avenue
Asheville NC 28801

We invite you to join us at The Black Walnut Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. Experience perfect comfort and real luxury in a romantic and historical setting. It is no accident that we were recently voted one of the Top Ten Luxury Inns in North America!

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