Food and writing about food...

Time to ruminate on eating again as I have just had a decadent month in July. Firstly, we had a lovely visit with friends from our days on Martha's Vineyard, the comedian and writer, Marty Nadler and his son Charlie(also a comedian and writer) who worked for us a very young child many years ago. Marty is famous as a writer and producer for shows like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley(among many others). His son Charlie is even funnier! However when I am hosting children(anyone under 30 is a child)I am impelled to over mother them and overfeed them...So the stay began with dinner at the Junction, which really is one of our top restaurants and in a very cool offbeat area in the River arts District.(it was used as the post-apocalyptic world in The Hunger Games) We began with a few Mommas boys, a favorite cocktail blending housemade ginger beer with some other lovely stuff, by the way 2 is not enough and 3 is too many...the salad of arugula,pickled blueberries(they are divine, I must pickle all of them) and local goat cheese, segued into the mussels with lardons and wine broth and culminated in the Poulet rouge free range chicken , fried with an upscale version of succotash, which consisted of roasted corn, crema , baby limas and house made sausage. I waddled to bed and dreamt of the toffee I had made all night long but was too full to go downstairs to get some...So the next morning after I stuffed the poor young man with our famous blueberry pancakes, coconut whipped cream and blueberry sauce, cinnamon muffins and crispy bacon we took a short hike to a local waterfall. He felt it was a good thing not to bring his father on a hike like that as there were no hand rails or emergency phone booths which he would expect being from the Bronx...I envisioned a Monty Python-esque episode of "the Aging wood nymphs frolic" where overweight seriously middle aged wood nymphs moaned and stumbled around in tights by the waterfalls complaining about the condition of the trail, the weather and the decreptitude of their bodies... however I am off track here, lets get back to the food! So after the short hike we stopped at the Pisgah Inn and dined overlooking the mountains. We enjoyed the fresh local trout with walnut crust and berry butter(yummie)plated with mashed and collards... sometime those white bread rolls just really hit the spot, you know? and the intrepid waiter waved by with a banana split thing we just had to have. Nap was mandatory! That night Charlie attended a friends wedding so the next morning I was forced to overfeed him yet again, sausage and 3 cheese frittata with local Blue hill Farms grits laced with our homemade pimento cheese( also known as southern caviar)flaky raspberry cream cheese turnovers and roasted plums, and as Marty had arrived we raced over to Limones for their exceptional brunch. We started with several appetizers , and then I drowned my sore muscles in the teguila lime burrito that was so incredible that I did not offer anyone a bite. All that and dinner too, Cucina 24, which has fantastic little pizzas, I had a beet and cheese and some other stuff, and it was DELICIOUS, I just can't remember the ingredients as they were not common!But this is too long so , I shall end here, with visions of plates dancing in my dreams....

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