Another birthday...

well that time of year came and went, you know, the one that's about as much fun as a visit to the dentist... another birthday. This year really bothered me, unlike all the others that came before, I remember when the drinking age was 18 and we couldn't wait to be 18, then 21, a real adult(not really)and I still do not understand why I never got the pony I asked matter that I live in the city, surely there is enough room in the yard for a small horse? Anyway it is one of those milestones and AARP keeps sending me info to join(oh god I'd rather die)and I decided to let my hair grow out to it's natural color...what was I thinking? Some how I secretly believed it was still a glossy brunette, never mind I have been Platinum blonde for 30 years now to cover the skunk stripe that would appear a few weeks after a salon visit. No one is really commenting on it, they just sort of look away and ignore when Murray the Photographer saw me after I lost a lot of weight and never said anything so I had to mention it( I couldn't believe he did not notice) and his response was, Oh I thought you might be ill or something...AGGGHHH.. Well , I wanted to have a birthday picnic in the forest but that got changed to a lunch at Pisgah Inn on the parkway with cake and they made a BIG point of putting the freaking number candles in it so the entire dining room saw how old I am to my horror... not that I am so shallow( oh yes I am)to be offended by this.. but we did manage to do what they called an easy trail to Skinny dip falls . On the way down I could hardly contain my excitement, would there actually be nudity? Would they be young and extremely attractive?( no there wasn't and there would have been a lot of "shrinkage" anyway as it was unbelievably cold.) But I realized this was not that easy... and suddenly came up with a birthday song, to be sung to Saturday Night Fever Staying Alive, except that instead of staying alive is Barely alive and instead of AhAhAhAh it should be OWOWOWOw ... anyway what a year this will be Hmmm?

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