Small dogs, big joys!!!

I have always said we all need to be needed, and I am proving that to myself yet again! After moving the Mom here from Kansas last September I have been wanting to get her a little dog to spend her time with!(of course I really want one for myself...)(which, anyone who knows me, understands)But life is a funny thing to control, you know? So her first Christmas here was spent on a cruise with all the family except Peter and I, as we couldn't get away for that length of time, and she hadn't been feeling too good just before the cruise! So, as soon as she returned from her travels we began the painful process, much as we had with Belle 7 years ago...of searching through all the shelters and adoption organizations. It is an awful experience, even though the Asheville humane is a brand new and well done shelter, and I really can't say enough good things about it,we had such a narrow and restricted list of possibilities like no barking, small, cute and fuzzy... to name a few, also that if anything happens to her, we could be glad to step in! Well it was a debacle... first the Humane society had an adoptathon for 12 dollars and by the time we got there there was only 1 little sad Jack Russell, which was way too high energy for the old lady.Then to Brother wolf, which is a very stressful experience, the barking, the smells and the enormity of what they are trying to do...which is save all the lost and abandoned dogs who are at risk in the kill shelters. We tried a rescue Pomeranian, I really wanted it to work but the little guy had been so abused and not well socialized so even though he bonded to Mom he couldn't bear any one else in his world and expressed his fear and loathing with biting and growling.EVERYONE!!! He was so cute though and I had to return him .I was heartbroken, if only I didn't own an inn, and my time and home were my own, I would have loved to try to rehab him, but could not see my guests being that understanding...or the other residents in moms facility. Then the 9 hours of driving to Matthews and back to see a woman who saves all these little dogs, but all she had left were chihuahuas. I am not fond of Chihuahuas, and Peter has some really bad experience with them being very vocal and nippy.I was so bereft and so depressed, I had opened Pandoras box and made Mom realize she really wanted that companionship,and I was stuck in a life not my own, in a home I could not ever really be myself in as I must always have guests, but the universe opened as it does finally, and after moping for a day or two I realized that maybe rescue was not the right venue for us at this time.So I went to dogs for sale! And I found the most adorable Pomeranian named Sky! He is almost a year old, well socialized with other dogs and people, and is the most wonderful little guy, all 9 lbs of him. The family that had him had to give him up as they were suffering from our economy with 2 kids and a slew of other pets, so he does not have all the bad habits of abused and abandoned pets and all the joy to give!He sings and dances, and has completely covered my Mom with kisses . I am so happy! Except of course I really want one for my own....So the twist in the story is that as I was looking for a pom, on the website I found a missing dog notice and I really think it was The rescue I had to return.I believe he has already been adopted, but I tried to put all involved together and maybe there will be a very happy ending, you know where they all live happily ever after! I will believe....

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