The Today Show, OH MY!

So we were featured on the today show last week! What a great thing this is, it was completely unexpected and we didn't even realize that was Kathy Lee with us! She must have thought we had great "game face" But we did not realize who she was! This is not unusual in my world, we always had so many celebrities in the bakery that it was hard to muster up much excitement about them, One of my favorite stories from the bakery is when Dan Akroyd was hanging out in the Edgartown store visiting my staff and was buying everyone breakfast, so the rumor began that he had bought the bakery...I also love the time when Jewel was sitting in the window table in Oak Bluffs writing for a few days...or when Goldy Hawn and Kurt Russell were across the street eating at Linda Jeans and no one recognized them...But perhaps by far my favorite story was when Donna, one of my counter help was told that she was waiting on Matt Dillon,and she looked around and said "where? I always loved Gunsmoke"...It still makes me laugh...especially as I am that old now!Ahh the celebrities, it must be so hard to be a human and be that much under the microscope. Maybe that is why I was never famous.....Hmmm

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